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How well is your Doctor doing?

There has been no maintenance since first installation long time ago.

Despite the fact operating Doctor (or just assume so), there is quality issue that concludes in malfunction where the blade was overused and worn out.

When try to turn on Doctor, it does not as it is already broken.

There is insufficient manpower to designate any of them on check or management of the device.

Our Smart Doctor will solve your problems!


Smart Doctor ~Built-in Self-diagnosis function~【Patented】

Smart Doctor  ~自己診断機能付きドクター装置~

Self-diagnosis function is built in to Double Air Tube Type Doctor.

This function enables to detect malfunction and state of Doctor by detectors for worn-out blades and broken air tubes.

The mechanism of malfunction detecting and checking can be customized as per the environment as well as requests upon designing. It can be a simple air- switch type or a mechanism connects to the upper control device via electric censor.

Your existing blade holder can be converted to this self-diagnosis type, having your Doctor upgraded and making the best use of existing asset.

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